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Private Jet Prices

Private Jet Rates

Private Jet Prices by Las Vegas VIP Entertainment Guide for Las Vegas Private Jets can range from $1300 per hour to $9000 an hour.

Welcome to the Private Jet Charter Pricing Guide, to those looking for the best deal for your flight. Because a great deal is a “state of mind”, meaning if you think you got a great deal then you did, let us help you to explore that theme, to better understand and appreciate the value you got and save your money. With private jet charter, you pay the cost for the whole aircraft rather than by seat or number of passengers.

The Private Jet Prices of your charter flight will be the hourly rate for the private jet model selected for the flight time incurred - including both live flight time with passengers and any positioning or empty legs required. Most private flight operators will provide a charter quote with no commitment, and charge you after the trip. Some will give you Best Price Guarantee (meaning that you won't find a better-supported price guarantee from any other private air charter service today) and all HAVE to insure utilizing the US-registered FAA-certified aircrafts and crews.

Las Vegas VIP Entertainment Guide offer you some examples to let you have a basic idea of what to expect while requesting a quote:

Turbo Prop Private Jets are recommended for up to 5-7 passengers and have a range between 1000-1200 statute miles, generally between 2 hr 30 min and 4 hours, with a typical air-speeds range from 240 mph to 330 mph. Turbo Prop aircraft are an excellent choice for many charter flights for their excellent combination of low hourly costs and fuel efficiency. Certain models can even accommodate as many passengers and luggage as a pricier Light jet. Because they have a smaller range than a Light jet, Turbo-Prop planes are particularly suited for short trips, such as flights from LA to Las Vegas. Private Jet Prices between $1300 to $1500 Cost per hour.

Light Private Jets are recommended for groups of up to 6-7 passengers. These jets travel at 380-490 miles per hour and have a range (statute miles) of 1000-1300 statute miles. The Light Jet category includes a versatile array of different private jet which are the most economical although they are typically the least spacious in terms of cabin dimensions and luggage capacity. Private Jet Prices between $1800 to $2800 Cost per hour. Las Vegas Private Jet Prices are well worth it.

Mid-Size Private Jets can accommodate up to 6-8 passengers and have a range of 1550-2000 statute miles. They travel at an approximate speed of 420-490 miles per hour and offer greater range and performance than the Light category. Mid jets provide a good blend of cabin and luggage space with more moderate pricing, can be well suited for trips two to three hours in length. Private Jet Prices between $2700 to $4000 Cost per hour.

Super Mid-Size Private Jets can accommodate up to 8-10 passengers and have a range of 3100-3300 statute miles. They bridge the gap between the Mid and Heavy jet categories, offering bigger passenger accommodations than a Mid jet, without the extravagant size or cost of a Heavy. Within Super Mids, jets like the Citation X offer outstanding speed and range while other models are known for more expansive cabin space and comfort, such as the Challenger series. Super Mid-Size Jets are well suited for cross-country travel, since many models can do a flight of this length without requiring a fuel stop. Private Jet Prices between $3500 to $4000 Cost per hour.

Heavy Private Jets are recommended for up to 10-14 passengers and have a wider range, handling trips of 2650-3700 statute miles. Heavy jets generally fly at 420-500 miles per hour. The Heavy aircraft category encompasses many of the largest models among private jets. Heavy jets can travel considerable distances non-stop. Generally considered among the most luxurious private planes, Heavy aircraft command a premium on price but provide an incomparable travel experience. Private Jet Prices between $4000 to $6000 Cost per hour.

Long Range Private Jets are heavy aircraft which are able to fly over inter-continental routes, range between 4350-7000 statute miles. They can take up to 12-19 passengers in great comfort served by flight attendants. Private Jet Prices between $7000 to $9000 Cost per hour.

There are daily hours minimums, fuel surcharge, overnight fees, airport fees, taxes (7.5%) which are not included in the price. Thus, private jet charter quotes can vary widely, even among jets that are in the same size category. Not all private jet companies follow the same practices in how they present your jet charter price. Be sure when you are comparing multiple quotes that they are both inclusive of all important items, like all positioning costs; based on realistic flight time for the itinerary; any additional landing, international or other miscellaneous fees; tax inclusive cost; any additional costs for taxi time included; Fuel Surcharge costs included.

Las Vegas Private Jets, even within the same category, can have very different specifications. A particular private jet type might have above average speed or range for its category. For these reasons, one aircraft may have a slightly higher hourly rate but a lower overall charter flight cost. Another critical factor that can impact quotes are aircraft capacity - how many passengers can the private jet hold? You should also consider whether aircraft on competing quotes offer similar features, such as luggage capacity, enclosed lavatories, cabin space and on-board amenities.

Remember, that in all categories, you have a choice between premium and standard jets. Premium jets include many of the newest aircraft on the market and average about four years old. No jets in this category are more than 10 years old. Standard choices are somewhat older but are also cost effective.

Positioning costs. If a private jet needs to be flown in from another airport for a trip, the client may incur “positioning costs”. You should always inquire about positioning costs when booking your private jet.

Know the private jet charter facts helps to understand how the price is formed. First of all, there is no 'free positioning' (cost if a private jet needs to be flown in from another airport for a trip). There is significant cost to moving or flying an aircraft which must be included somewhere in cost, and you should always inquire about it when booking your private jet. Who pays for positioning with the one-way jet card "memberships" - not to mention the employees to manage them, marketing, the account and the deposits? You do and you see it in their hourly rates. Be knowledgeable about the advertising and real costs, and compare pricing for the same trip with different providers. The more access to private jet options the company you are working with has, then the better chance you will be able to secure a jet that is nearby and the lower the positioning costs will be for your trip.

How to Find Special Deals on Private Jets? If price is a big consideration for you when planning your private jet travel, you may want to be on the lookout for Special Deals and Empty Legs/One Ways.

Private Jet prices on Empty Legs...One-Ways...Deadheads -what is that? Empty legs, or deadheads are created when an aircraft itself needs to move for one reason or another, such as to pick up its owner, or returning home from a factory servicing, or returning to base after dropping a charter passenger off. This need to move the aircraft can result in low point-to-point pricing, and can be the absolute best values in private jet charter. One-ways are using an aircraft in a certain route or direction of flight where the plane does not need to return to base. The aircraft picks up a succession of paying passengers from flight to flight that are linked by landing and then departing in the same general region. One-way charters are typically non-cancel-able because of their price advantage and their need to arrive at the other end.

Taking Advantage of One-Ways. The most common misperception is that the one-way charter is available between only those cities or airports listed. One-ways are usually listed as between two certain airports or cities because this is actually the departing and arrival points the aircraft is going. However a charter can be flown anywhere along that very general route and direction.

Private Jet Cost by Las Vegas VIP Entertainment Guide for Private Jet Prices deals and discounts.

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